Welcome to Richmond Cycling Club.

Who are we, and where are we?

Currently the club consists of around 50 members who are active in many cycling disciplines, at many different standards.

We're based in the town of Richmond, North Yorkshire - the original Richmond!

The Sunday club run is our most regular fixture, but there are members who participate in the Croft Circuit Racing Series and other local road races; the North East Cyclocross League; long distance Audax and Cyclosportive rides; local time trials, along with all manner of informal riding and racing.

Enjoy exploring the site, and get in contact. We're actively looking to expand and are always keen to encourage new members, whatever their experience.

The main event we promote each year is our own Richmond Cyclosportive. Saturday May 27th 2017. 

We've been running this event for 11 years now, and it continues to be well supported, and very well regarded.

This year we're sticking to the Tour de France Special Edition routes that we used in 2014. We had loads of excellent feedback about the routes and we want to be a part of that amazing legacy. All 3 routes take in part of that year's Grand Depart route - the main 118 mile 5 Dale route climbs all 3 ascents, as well as 5 other significant ascents including the legendary Stang and Fleet Moss.

There are 3 routes available, with a flat rate £20 entry fee:

The 5 Dale 118

The 4 Dale 85

The 3 Dale 60

For more information, see our dedicated web page: RCC Sportives

To enter, go to the SIentries website.

For even more information, and to read what riders though of previous years' events, got to the Cyclosport website.

There's also a Google Map with lots of extra info about the routes.


Click the link above for regular updates about rides, kit, events etc...